The Conservative Classroom Podcast with guest Sherri Story

     In the latest episode of "The Conservative Classroom," host Mr. Webb speaks with Sherri Story, Executive Director of the School Board Member Alliance of Virginia. Sherri, who transitioned from being an educator to a school board member, shares her experiences with inadequate training for school board roles. She highlights the formation of the Alliance, which aims to provide alternative, comprehensive training that addresses modern educational challenges and governance issues. The discussion focuses on the importance of legal knowledge for board members and the need for more accountable and transparent educational governance centered on student achievement. 

Click HERE to listen to the interview.

The Sentinel Report Joined by : Sherri Story, Chairman, SBMA

     Board Chair Sherri Story talks about the need for the School Board Member Alliance with host Alex Newman.

The Schilling Show interviews SBMA Board Chair Sherri Story

     Free Speech, Empowering School Board Members, and more on a Throwdown Thursday edition of The Schilling Show! The interview appears 29 minutes into the show.

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