SBMA is a non-partisan association dedicated to empowering school board members to effectively serve their communitiesWe provide tailored resources and tools to address the unique challenges faced by school board members. Our vision is to equip members with the necessary skills and expertise to make informed decisions that positively impact their communities. We prioritize individual memberships, fostering a supportive network for knowledge-sharing and personalized support. Our professional development enables members to focus on academic growth and achievement, navigate educational issues, promote governance excellence, and advocate for students and families. 


Our mission is to provide education, emphasizing common sense policies and practical solutions that benefit students, educators, and families. We empower school board members to uphold and respect parental rights, while exploring the value of school choice to enhance educational opportunities. Through our trainings, we foster transparent governance, promoting open communication, accountability, and the involvement of all stakeholders. We prioritize fiscal responsibility, equipping school board members with insights into responsible resource management for optimal student outcomes. Together, we strive to create a well-rounded educational experience that supports the success of every student. 


•Arrange for like-minded networking. 

•Focus on excellence in traditional academics.

•Provide student-focused perspective in educational policy.

•Advocate for educational freedom for Virginia families. 

•Provide a choice in school board training and advocacy.

•Enhance local control with state-level accountability. 

•Promote fiscal responsibility at all levels of board governance. 

•Encourage and facilitate transparent governance.

•Provide products and services to our membership that 

   support the success of students in Virginia public schools. 

•Advocate and provide legal counsel for our members.


Please watch this video about SBMA and kindly consider contributing to support our cause. Your donation will enable us to empower school board members with the education needed to uphold parental rights, explore school choice, promote transparent governance, and prioritize responsible resource management for the benefit of every student. 

Together, let's make a difference in education. 


After attending our training, members of the School Board Member Alliance have achieved remarkable progress in various educational initiatives, reflecting their commitment to enhancing the quality of education in their districts. Here's a list of notable accomplishments:

  1. Early Implementation of Governor Youngkin's 2023 Model Policies: Demonstrated a proactive stance by being among the first to adopt these policies, aligning with state educational reforms.

  2. Establishment of Citizen Advisory Committees and Standing Committees: Showed commitment to community engagement by creating committees to involve diverse community voices in educational policy-making.

  3. Renewed Focus on Academic Achievement: Prioritized enhancing student learning outcomes, reducing achievement gaps, and preparing students for future success.

  4. Support for Parental Involvement: Strengthened parental rights in education, ensuring parent voices are integral in educational decisions.

  5. Hosting of Town Hall Meetings: Promoted transparency and communication with the public through forums for policy discussion and community feedback.

  6. Interviews with Resigning Teachers: Initiated to understand and address the reasons behind the increasing trend of teacher resignations, aiming to improve retention.

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