Sherri D. Story

Chairwoman/Executive Director

     Sherri Story was born and raised in Wisconsin. After graduating from college, she taught high school biology in her home state for 11 years.

Sherri later moved to Virginia to earn a Masters in Divinity degree from Regent University. Upon completion of that degree, she returned to the classroom in Suffolk where she helped start the IB Biology program, working with a team to of educators to write the curriculum.

     From 2016-2019, Sherri worked as a master educator and presenter for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, leading professional development for AP Biology instructors nationwide.

     In 2018, she was elected to the Suffolk City School Board where she served for four years. She now serves as the SBMA chair.

When she is not working or volunteering, Sherri enjoys spending time with her two children and four grandchildren. 

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Dennis C. Barlow

Vice Chair     

     Dennis CBarlow was elected to the Shenandoah County School Board in 2021; he currently serves as the chairman.

Barlow earned an MA and a Certificate of Advanced Study from Johns Hopkins University. He graduated with Distinction from the U.S. Naval War College, and holds a BA in History from Purdue University.

     Barlow spent 13 years as a history teacher and lacrosse coach in Baltimore County, Maryland. While teaching, he was recalled to the Army to serve as a planner and policymaker in the Pentagon. He retired as a Colonel in 1996.

     Colonel (retired) Barlow then founded a public policy center at James Madison University. He spent 14 years coordinating numerous

international programs dedicated to eradicating the effects of landmines globally before stepping down in 2010.

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Dr. Karen Hiltz


     Dr. Karen Hiltz served in the US Navy, retired from a career in Federal Procurement and taught business courses in undergraduate and graduate programs. She was an appointed Planning and Zoning Commissioner, an elected School Board member, and appointed member of a Community College Advisory Board. Other experience includes private school board member and support to multiple education non-profits.

     Dr. Hiltz currently serves and advises several non-profit organizations to include FreedomWorks BEST program. She’s a former FL House Candidate, works with local community groups and committees, and advisor to several education organizations. She’s authored numerous articles and two books. Dr. Hiltz holds a BS and MBA in Management, an Ed.D. in Leadership Studies, and currently resides in Florida with her husband Chuck (USMC retired) of over 43 years.

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Abel Pors


     Abel was born and raised in Charlottesville Virginia. He moved to the Lynchburg area after pursuing a BS in Accounting at Liberty University. He met his beautiful wife through mutual friends at their church, Redeeming Grace Baptist. They have two children at the time of writing, but are hoping for more down the road.

     Abel believes that common sense and traditional Judeo-Christian values are a large part of what has made the USA a great country, and need to be fought for in Virginia's school system to keep it that way.

     In his free time, Abel enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and playing strategy games.

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Shelly Norden

Director/Marketing and Education Chair  

      Shelly Norden, from Fauquier County, Virginia, began her communications career with a BA from George Mason University, then worked as a TV news producer in West Palm Beach, Florida, for CBS and FOX affiliates.

     Returning to Virginia in 2002, she switched to teaching high school journalism and English for 19 years, achieving top rankings for her programs and earning several teaching awards, including Kettle Run Teacher of the Year in 2016. Shelly served on the Virginia High School League Publications Advisory Committee and the Verdun Adventure Bound Board of Directors. She also served on the Fauquier County Crime Commission.

     In 2017, she founded Citizen Cents to promote financial transparency in school districts and gained media attention for her investigative reporting. Now a freelance reporter and educational reform advocate with SBMA, Shelly is also working towards a Masters in Public Policy and Administration. She lives in Fauquier with her husband, two Jack Russell Terriers, and an African Gray parrot.

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Victoria Manning


     Vicky is a mother who got involved in public education when policies that were being implemented began to negatively impact her children. She ran for public office in 2016 and was elected to the Virginia Beach School Board. She won re-election in 2020. Vicky has been an advocate for parents and children on the school board and a voice for transparency.

     Vicky received her Bachelor of Science degree from Old Dominion University and a Master's Degree in Law from Regent University. She has been married to her husband, a retired Naval Officer, for over 20 years and they have two sons.

      She has been an avid volunteer in her community, serving in the Boy Scouts of America, leadership in her church, volunteering in her public schools and with the local wrestling club. She is an avid distance runner, a former triathlete and loves the outdoors.

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Cheryl Facciani


     Cheryl Facciani was elected to the Roanoke County School Board in 2021. 

     Cheryl earned her BS in Communication Disorders from University of New Hampshire Honors College and her Masters of Science in Communication Disorders from William Paterson University, graduating magna cum laude.  Later, she served as an adjunct professor at William Paterson University teaching graduate students in clinical practice.

Cheryl worked as a speech language pathologist while working and teaching at NY-Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. 

     Cheryl served on the JDRF Board of Directors for two terms focusing on advocacy, outreach and fundraising. Three of her four children live with Type One Diabetes, a chronic autoimmune disease. She continues to provide support, guidance and counseling to parents of newly diagnosed children.

     Cheryl and her husband have four children who graduated from or currently attend Roanoke County Public Schools. She is committed to ensuring a safe and dynamic school environment for all children to reach their maximal potential. She is also committed to providing transparency, so that parents, teachers and the community all have a voice in the decision-making process.

     When she is not working, volunteering or caring for her family, Cheryl enjoys playing tennis and golf, taking long walks with her dogs, Rafa and Birdie, and traveling to places off the beaten path.

Maureen Siegmund


    Since moving to Stafford, VA, in 2005, Maureen Siegmund has woven a diverse tapestry of professional and community engagement. With a BA in Political Science and Public Affairs from Elmira College and a certification from Yale University's Campaign School, her career has spanned roles in higher education, defense, insurance policy, and association management. Notably, Maureen contributed to the Clinton administration's White House Office of Public Liaison, focusing on Women's Initiatives and Outreach.

     Currently, as the director of external relations for Active Policy Solutions since 2014, she champions causes in education, civil rights, youth development, and health. Beyond her professional realm, Maureen's dedication shines through her active participation in St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and leadership roles in American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA, emphasizing community and outdoor leadership development for girls.

     Maureen, alongside her husband Steve and their four children, also engages in local sports through Stafford County Parks & Recreation and Stafford Soccer, reflecting her commitment to fostering community, health, and wellness both in her family and the broader community.

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Ryan Minnie, director; Chris Daniels, director; Brian Gorg, director

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