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Application Acknowledgment and Agreement with SBMA Mission

By proceeding with this application for SBMA, you acknowledge and agree to align with our mission statement, which is fundamental to our organization's values and operations:

  1. Priority of Traditional Academics: SBMA holds the belief that traditional academics should be a primary focus in Virginia's K-12 education system. We advocate for an educational framework that emphasizes core academic disciplines.

  2. Parental Rights in Education: We firmly believe that parents have essential rights regarding their children's public education. SBMA supports and promotes the involvement and decision-making authority of parents in educational matters.

  3. Educational Freedom for Families: SBMA is committed to supporting educational freedom, offering Virginia families the liberty to choose the best educational paths for their children.

  4. Meritocracy: We believe in meritocracy, advocating for a system where effort and talent are recognized and rewarded, ensuring fair and equal opportunities for all students.

  5. Transparent Governance: SBMA stands for transparent governance in educational institutions and policies, promoting openness and accountability in all our dealings.

  6. Fiscal Accountability and Oversight: We are dedicated to fiscal accountability and oversight, ensuring that resources are managed wisely and effectively for the betterment of educational outcomes.

By submitting this application, you indicate your support and commitment to these principles, which are integral to the work and vision of SBMA in enhancing the educational landscape of Virginia.

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